So, how do I use this thing to help people with migraines?

Well, most people don’t realize that migraines are actually one of the most common health issues, but they don’t realize that they come from an underlying dysfunction within the central nervous system.

So I use this device, similar to how you would go get your heart checked by an EKG.

This device measures the nervous system.

And so what I do is I place it along the back of the neck, and it’s just a scan.

I scan the back of the neck.

And what I’m looking for is an underlying issue within the central nervous system, lying somewhere at the level of the brainstem.

And I know that if somebody has got migraines and we have an issue right here, I’m going to be able to help them.

I’m Dr. Alex Mosley with the specific chiropractic centers in Austin, and this is how I help people with migraines.