NOAH, 7 years old

Migraine Success Story

“When I was 5…I couldn’t play with LEGOs, play outside, read, or really any activity. And just lay on the couch or bed.”


Migraine Success Story

“I didn’t want to be around bright lights or around people. It also started affecting my relationship with my husband.”


A migraine can cause severe throbbing pain or a pulsing sensation, usually on just one side of the head. It’s often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound.

Migraine attacks can cause significant pain for hours to days and can be so severe that the pain is disabling.

Warning symptoms known as aura may occur before or with the headache. These can include flashes of light, blind spots, or tingling on one side of the face or in your arm or leg.

Medications can help prevent some migraines and make them less painful. Talk to your doctor about different migraine treatment options if you can’t find relief. The right medicines, combined with self-help remedies and lifestyle changes, may help.


Infertility Success Story

“As I was trying to get pregnant, the stress of over a year passing and nothing was happening…it stressed us out to the point where we were done.”


Infertility can be a frustrating and traumatic experience. There are several methods that you have available to you to help with your situation.

We hope that chiropractic is your choice.

With regular upper cervical chiropractic care, you can improve your nervous system and health in order to create an optimal environment in order to get pregnant.


Autism and OCD Success Story

“Tantrums were hard and long…”

Anxiety/ADHD Success Story

“I remember when my anxiety and ADHD ruled my life…”


As of today, the CDC says 1 in 59 children have Autism. Another 1 in 8 are diagnosed with anxiety. On top of that, another 43% are diagnosed with some sort of chronic health condition. If you feel like those numbers are high, it’s because they are. These numbers continue to increase at an alarming rate, regardless of the number of new treatments or medicines we have to help.

Many parents come to us at their wits end, knowing that their child can live beyond whatever label has been put on them. They come to us knowing that what they’ve been told concerning their family’s health is only half the story. They come to us knowing that they there is a missing piece to the puzzle and they are almost on the brink of finding it. They come to us for hope.

We believe that every person deserves to live happily and connected, completely full of life expression and not limited by a life full of chronic mental or physical health issues. Not only do we believe that each individual deserves that, we believe that they actually have the ability to achieve it.

Our goal in working with neurodevelopmental disorders and mental health is not to change the child or the individual, but to allow their body and nervous system to adapt to stress and express life. The type of children we help are often labeled/diagnosed with autism, ADHD, OCD, chronic digestive and immune issues, anxiety, depression, behavioral issues such as ODD, sensory processing disorders, and learning delays.


Back Pain Success Story

“For about a week, I couldn’t work. And when I don’t work, I don’t eat. That’s a very scary moment in your life when you figure out you’re not super human anymore.”


Back pain is in the top three leading causes of missed days of work in the U.S. While there are many approaches out there to solving this issue, we believe we offer the most least invasive, effective approach to not only getting rid of our patient’s back pain, but keeping it gone. If you are suffering from chronic, long-term pain that is consistently creeping it’s ugly head into your life, it’s because your body is not healing.

Healing is something that is facilitated through the nervous system, the cells get damaged they communicate to the brain that there is damage, and the brain responds by sending the cavalry to heal and repair. If this communication between the cells damaged, and the brain, and vice versa, 100% proper healing cannot take place. By restoring these communication lines within your body we can appreciate proper healing in your body that continues to happen even after you leave our office!


Opioids Success Story

“I was a mean and angry person. I took it out on my wife. I took it out on my kids. And I spent most of my time in the bedroom.”


When it comes to neck pain, our approach is very different than most healthcare providers. Getting rid of the pain is not our job; figuring out WHY you are in pain is our primary focus in figuring out how to get rid of chronic pain in the neck area. Often times medications such as painkillers, and muscle relaxers will get rid of pain, but that would be like putting duct tape over a leaky pipe. It gets rid of pain symptoms while the “root cause” is still present.

Most often times what we find when it comes to neck pain is that there are two “root causes” that cause neck pain: 1. The top two bones in the neck are misaligned, or not moving correctly. 2. This misalignment has caused a nervous system interference, or malfunction that has hindered the bodies ability to heal. When both of these things are present long enough the result often times is pain, a signal going off in our body that something is wrong.


Scoliosis Success Story

“I was always told that I was going to be a hunchback. That I would never be able to stand up straight…”


One of the many functions of the brainstem is control the sweep/wake cycle that occurs within our bodies. Have you ever wondered how your body just turns the switch off to initiate deep sleep, and then turn back on and wake us up when it’s time to get up? This is something that occurs without us ever thinking about it. If there is a misalignment of one or more of the top two bones in the neck that house the brainstem, it can place abnormal pressure to the brainstem and cause it to malfunction.

Signs that this is could be occurring are difficulty in initiating sleep, difficulty in remaining asleep, difficulty in getting quality sleep, or any other type of sleep disturbance. Before you jump to Ambien, Lunesta, or some other extremely potent drug let us see if you are a candidate that could benefit from upper cervical specific chiropractic care!